[Freeswitch-users] How to answer USER_BUSY on NO_USER_RESPONSE?

Leon de Rooij leon at scarlet-internet.nl
Tue Mar 16 05:42:56 PDT 2010


Don't know if it helps, but the inline attribute can only be set on  
actions, not on conditions.

Also, the hangup application is not allowed to be run inline:
(it has no SAF_ROUTING_EXEC flag)

Perhaps you can try to transfer to another context directly after your  
bridge ? (where that second context contains an extension with  
conditions matching on variable_originate_disposition)

kind regards,


On Mar 16, 2010, at 12:55 PM, Peter P GMX wrote:

> I have the folowing scenario:
>  A Snom phone has activated DND (do not disturb)
>  When the phone is called, it returns "480 Do Not Disturb" and then
> "404 Not Found".
>  Freeswitch then announces NO_USER_RESPONSE to the caller (PSTN).
>  The PSTN then (wrongly) announces "this number is not listed".
> My question: How can we overcome this and announce back a different
> message to PSTN, but only on NO_USER_RESPONSE.
> I tried to continue on bridge and then this after the bridge command  
> the
> following:
>      <condition field="variable_originate_disposition"
> expression="NO_USER_RESPONSE" inline="true">
>        <action application="hangup" data="USER_BUSY"/>
>      </condition>
> But the installed Freeswith does not support the "inline" yet and we
> will not be able to update Freeswitch soon.
> So my question:
> Is there any other way to achieve this?
> Best regards
> Peter
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