[Freeswitch-users] regarding the recent sangoma boost

Tzury Bar Yochay tzury.by at reguluslabs.com
Mon Mar 15 03:28:08 PDT 2010

one must run # mkdir /root/sangoma before head.
otherwise, sangoma_prid will fail to start

I discoverd this since /var/log/sangoma_mgd.log file was empty even though
the line
local2.*    /var/log/sangoma_mgd.log
exists in /etc/syslog.conf

I did the following:
# export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/sangoma_prid
# /usr/sbin/sangoma_prid &> sangoma_prid.log

an then with # tail -f sangoma_prid.log
I got
==> sangoma_prid.log <==
================System restart=============
= Sangoma PRI Protocol Stack Daemon       =
= Version: 1.58                           =
= Date: Feb 18 2010                       =
= Wanpipe Release: wanpipe-          =
= Revision:Revision: 15364          =
sh: gen_fs_gcore.sh: not found
touch: cannot touch `/root/sangoma/sangoma_prid.gcore.24821': No such file
or directory
/usr/bin/gcore: 83: cannot create /root/sangoma/sangoma_prid.gcore.24821:
Directory nonexistent
gcore: failed to create /root/sangoma/sangoma_prid.gcore.24794

I then ran `# mkdir /root/sangoma` and restart everything

Right now I am facing another problem which hope to over come right after

the problem is this error

freeswitch at snaptrunk-02> originate openzap/1/a/0525133399 XML public
2010-03-15 12:20:56.307066 [WARNING] ozmod_sangoma_boost.c:341 TX EVENT:
CALL_START:(80) [w1g1] CSid=1 Seq=0 Cn=[N/A] Cd=[0525133399] Ci=[N/A]

2010-03-15 12:21:06.858887 [WARNING] sangoma_boost_client.c:221 TX EVENT
(N): CALL_START_NACK:(82) [w1g1] Rc=0 CSid=1 Seq=1
2010-03-15 12:21:06.858887 [ERR] switch_ivr_originate.c:2422 Cannot create
outgoing channel of type [openzap] cause: [RECOVERY_ON_TIMER_EXPIRE]


2010-03-15 12:21:06.858887 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:3220 Originate
Resulted in Error Cause: 102 [RECOVERY_ON_TIMER_EXPIRE]
freeswitch at snaptrunk-02>
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