[Freeswitch-users] Call transfer with Polycom works ok but a call is left on hold?

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Sun Mar 14 10:50:28 PDT 2010

Are you doing this with the latest SVN and default dialplan or are you doing something out of the usual?


On Mar 14, 2010, at 10:18 AM, Yehavi Bourvine wrote:

> Hello,
>    We have a strange behavior which my users told me today, but I have a feeling it lasts for a long time (we are running now version 16972).
> User A calls user B on a Polycom. User B press the "transfer" key and calls C who answers. B then press "transfer" again, and now A talks to C. However, B is left with a held call to the voicemail of C...
> Anyone saw this behaviour?  unattended transfer and conference work ok.
>                              Thanks! __Yehavi: 

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