[Freeswitch-users] conferences lead to high server load

Brian May brian at microcomaustralia.com.au
Sat Mar 13 20:15:00 PST 2010

2010/2/28 Christian Löschenkohl <christian.loeschenkohl at xpirio.com>:
> problem solved with -vm
> with this option we now have the usual low load for 50-70 conference users

I can't see any documentation for vm, either here:


or here:

huey:/opt/freeswitch/conf# /opt/freeswitch/bin/freeswitch --help
these are the optional arguments you can pass to freeswitch
	-nf                    -- no forking
	-u [user]              -- specify user to switch to
	-g [group]             -- specify group to switch to
	-help                  -- this message
	-version               -- print the version and exit
	-waste                 -- allow memory waste
	-core                  -- dump cores
	-hp                    -- enable high priority settings
	-vg                    -- run under valgrind
	-nosql                 -- disable internal sql scoreboard
	-heavy-timer           -- Heavy Timer, possibly more accurate but at a cost
	-nonat                 -- disable auto nat detection
	-nocal                 -- disable clock calibration
	-nort                  -- disable clock clock_realtime
	-stop                  -- stop freeswitch
	-nc                    -- do not output to a console and background
	-c                     -- output to a console and stay in the foreground
	-conf [confdir]        -- specify an alternate config dir
	-log [logdir]          -- specify an alternate log dir
	-run [rundir]          -- specify an alternate run dir
	-db [dbdir]            -- specify an alternate db dir
	-mod [moddir]          -- specify an alternate mod dir
	-htdocs [htdocsdir]    -- specify an alternate htdocs dir
	-scripts [scriptsdir]  -- specify an alternate scripts dir

What does it do?
Brian May <brian at microcomaustralia.com.au>

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