[Freeswitch-users] hunt group - play music when trying external numbers

William Traenkle will.traenkle at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 8 16:45:10 PST 2010

I did not see this message go through yet so I removed the code I originally had pasted and am resending it.

FS Community,

I am new to freeSWITCH and this mailing list and I appreciate your support in advance.

My Goal: To create a hunt group x7000 that sequentially dials an internal extension, i.e. x1000, and then a cell phone number, i.e. 6194548924, while playing music the entire time when each number is being tried.

The Issue: This was working great a few months back, but now music plays when only when x1000 is tried but NOT when the cell phone is tried.  

Ideas? Please advise. 



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