[Freeswitch-users] Export b-leg variables in bridge string for a user bridge lookup

Neil Burgess neil.burgess at redmatter.com
Sun Mar 7 04:31:31 PST 2010


Wonder if anyone can help me with a bridge to user question?

We are trying to bridge to a user in the directory using a command of the form:-


We want to be able to pass a number of channel variables to the b-leg. In the case above, we want to pass leg_confirm to enable us to use the group_confirm functionality on the leg, but have found that whilst this is fine using something like session.execute("bridge","[leg_confirm=yes]sofia/blah/blah"), when used against a user/  lookup it doesn't set the variable.

I can see that the dial-string in the User's Directory definition would presumably need these bridge channel variables added to it somehow, but don't see how to achieve that!

We have used export in some cases to set the channel variable on the b-leg for a user which is fine, until we want to do something like session.execute("bridge","[leg_confirm=yes]user/1009, [leg_confirm=no]user/1012"), where the two b-legs have differing requirements.

Any ideas how I can achieve a working version of session.execute("bridge","[leg_confirm=yes]user/1009");

As an added twist, we are using mod_xml_curl to perform our directory lookups!

Many thanks,
Neil Burgess

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