[Freeswitch-users] Losing Log lines

Ahmed Ajmal ahmed.ajmal at breezecom.ae
Fri Mar 5 05:02:46 PST 2010



I am seeing the following "CRIT" log lines in my freeswitch logs:


freeswitch.log.2010-03-05-04-30-01.1:2010-03-05 04:27:49.633560 [CRIT]
mod_event_socket.c:161 Lost 134 log lines!

freeswitch.log.2010-03-05-04-30-01.1:2010-03-05 04:27:54.374504 [CRIT]
mod_event_socket.c:161 Lost 218 log lines!

freeswitch.log.2010-03-05-04-30-01.1:2010-03-05 04:27:54.893504 [CRIT]
mod_event_socket.c:161 Lost 143 log lines!

freeswitch.log.2010-03-05-04-30-01.1:2010-03-05 04:27:59.093785 [CRIT]
mod_event_socket.c:161 Lost 27 log lines!


And this is happening too often now. I am relying on ESL to capture
HANGUP_COMPLETE event and insert the cdr fields in a database and it appears
from the above lines that freeswitch is missing some logs here. I am running
freeswitch on a 64-bit version of CentOS 5.4 with 4 gigs of RAM. There were
around 72 active calls(fs_cli -x "show calls count") when I noticed the
above. Also heres what my max sessions look like:


<param name="max-sessions" value="4000"/>

    <!--Most channels to create per second -->

<param name="sessions-per-second" value="100"/>


I am not sure if this is a memory issue or not but I also noticed that the
machine was running on very low memory when all this was happening. Heres
what my free -m stats looked like:


                       total       used       free     shared    buffers

Mem:          3952       3926         26          0        186       1156

-/+ buffers/cache:        264       3688

Swap:          8189          0       8189


Please help me with any resolution and/or suggestions.




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