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Chris Fowler chris at fowler.cc
Wed Mar 3 12:48:44 PST 2010

Re: Wiki - I'd love to give back to the community;  Does anyone have an objection if I create a "How to use FreeSWITCH on EC2 with RightScale's management dashboard"?

There are some significant differences to the configuration when using RightScale vs. bare bones AWS; and given this is on my employer's time I need to keep it relevant...

The base AMI used is "RightImage CentOS_5.4_i386_v4.4.10"; this is a public AMI (you don't need to be a RightScale customer to use it)

Cheers, Chris.

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Chris Fowler <chris at fowler.cc> said:

> There were no special tricks; you do need to modify/override the
> following with the box's Elastic IP (EIP).
This would be helpful to have in the wiki along with any other tips for
your virtual environment. :-)

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