[Freeswitch-users] Nibblebill for NoSQL

Dome Charoenyost dome at tel.co.th
Tue Mar 2 22:38:58 PST 2010

Dear All,
     I use nibllebill + postgresql for longtime. it' work wel when
concurrent about 500 calls..  Now i have 1200 calls .  postgresql  got
many problem and slow. so i have 2 choice.
1. upgrade hardware , add more memory may be 32 GB and change HDD to
SSD (or IOdrive ).
2. split DB some path to NoSQL (I'm testing memcachedb,redis,tokyo tyrant)
I choose 2. and use tokyo tyrant. because it's persistant and support
memcache API.
  Today i create new module base on nibblebill but use memcacahe API
connect to tokyo tyrant. it's look fast. and work without any problem.
  If someone want to use my module I'l acttach to JIRA and create WIKI page.

Please let's me know if you want.

Dome C.

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