[Freeswitch-users] What FS is doing when idle?

Andrew Thompson andrew at hijacked.us
Tue Mar 2 10:53:02 PST 2010

On Tue, Mar 02, 2010 at 12:43:13PM -0600, Anthony Minessale wrote:
> I guess if you insist, you have 4 bad boxes with 4 bad kernels, and I bet
> none of them are Centos 5.3
> if you can reproduce it on a box I can visit (Centos 5.3 would be nice), put
> in my ssh key and i'll come and look.
> Be sure to remember, as you continue to add to this thread that you are
> complaining about FS using 2% of your cpu......
> That's somewhat amusing to me.

I can confirm this, I just checked 2 of my machines which run identical
hardware and the Ubuntu one has FS sitting about 7% cpu all the time
and the CentOS box has it sitting at 0% (I can't even see it on the
screen). Both machines are idle.

So the moral of the story is that the OS/hardware recommendations are
made for good reason. Disregard them at your own risk.


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