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Tue Mar 2 08:56:52 PST 2010

what FS team thinks about this SIP clustering architecture ?



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  I searched some articles of FS in a cluster environment
  but there are some unclear writes :

  in http://www.technoclicks.com/article-2545.php from 2006 it says

  "Minessale says FreeSwitch won't be bounded by those same problems. The software is designed to run on a cluster of an unlimited number of servers though realistically that will be gated by the capacity of the network. Early tests on a single server showed simultaneous calls on a Pentium server running at . GHz. The server completed calls per second with bursts to calls per second."

  and this thread from 2008
  that describes contradiction of how to manage clustering.

  so is FS really be built as cluster to expand call capacity ? or is it be clustered by the fact that only serveral FS share a DB ?


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