[Freeswitch-users] smg_prid not bridging the call

Davud Yat Sin david.yatsin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 17:34:12 PST 2010

Hi lakshmanan, 
This was fixed in Openzap revision:1047

Can you update your openzap and update to these wanpipe drivers:



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Dear all,
I'm having a A102 Sangoma hardware. I configured it with freeswitch.
wanrouter status, says both the port as connected.
My smg_prid version is
Feb 26 16:08:14 FMS-FreeSwitch sangoma_prid: ================System
Feb 26 16:08:14 FMS-FreeSwitch sangoma_prid: = Sangoma PRI Protocol Stack
Daemon       =
Feb 26 16:08:14 FMS-FreeSwitch sangoma_prid: = Version:
1.54                           =
Feb 26 16:08:14 FMS-FreeSwitch sangoma_prid: = Date: Feb 15
2010                       =
Feb 26 16:08:14 FMS-FreeSwitch sangoma_prid: = Wanpipe Release:
wanpipe-       =
Feb 26 16:08:14 FMS-FreeSwitch sangoma_prid: = Revision:Revision:
15288                =
Feb 26 16:08:14 FMS-FreeSwitch sangoma_prid:
My freeswitch version is 16729.
I started freeswitch.
oz list
span: 1 (smg_prid)
type: Sangoma (boost)
chan_count: 60
dialplan: XML
context: default
analog_options none
I originated a call as
originate openzap/smg_prid/a/9952248266 &park(), which hits my mobile.
But when I issued the following command:
originate openzap/smg_prid/a/9952248266
It rings my mobile (9952248266) first, but after that the following error
was displayed
2010-02-26 16:20:51.736080 [ERR] switch_ivr_originate.c:2387 Cannot create
outgoing channel of type [openzap] cause: [NORMAL_CIRCUIT_CONGESTION]
The call got ended in my mobile.
Freeswitch log and smg_pri.conf
[span wanpipe smg_prid]
name => smg_prid
trunk_type =>e1
b-channel => 1:1-15
b-channel => 1:17-31
trunk_type =>e1
b-channel => 2:1-15
b-channel => 2:17-31
<configuration name="openzap.conf" description="OpenZAP Configuration">
    <param name="debug" value="0"/>
        <span id="smg_prid">
        <param name="dialplan" value="XML"/>
        <param name="context" value="default"/>
Please guide me to setup this one!!.



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