[Freeswitch-users] Detecting Energy Levels on a Channel with mod_lua

Mathieu Rene mrene_lists at avgs.ca
Mon Mar 1 16:35:31 PST 2010

A media bug is a way to get a channel's audio inside a module, you can  
have read, write and read_replace/write_replace bugs (those can  
actually change the audio).

Its what record_session uses to be able to record the call to a file  
while its executing other applications.
Other examples are... tone_detect, start_dtmf, eavesdrop...

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On 1-Mar-10, at 7:31 PM, Peder wrote:

> What’s a “media bug”?
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> An easy way is to do an average of the absolute value of each L16  
> sample over a period of time. Im not quite sure how to access audio  
> channels from within Lua but if you are in C you can use  
> switch_core_session_read_frame() to get audio frames.
> Show off! :) Related question: do media bugs allow you to access  
> this kind of information? Just curious...
> -MC
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