[Freeswitch-users] Bug in mod_commands.c with show calls command

Wellie Chao wchao at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 1 13:31:29 PST 2010

I am using the xml_rpc interface like so:

I get a response in a table, which is a little bit undesirable because I 
want to parse the result in a program and don't want to parse a bunch of 
HTML (just seems inelegant and wasteful), so I instead tried the following 

That works better, but then another wrinkle appears. Caller ID (and Callee 
ID) names sometimes have commas, which messes up the CSV.

This appears to be a bug in mod_commands.c (or I suppose you could call it 
an artifact of somebody coding up something quickly and not worrying about 
the absolute correctness of something that is not critical to the core). 
There is also another bug with show calls via webapi in that the generated 
HTML has spurious <td> tags. I think the spurious <td> tag bug arises due 
to lines 3145-6 in mod/applications/mod_commands/mod_commands.c. Finally, 
another bug (or maybe just unimplemented feature) is that xmlapl isn't 
really different from webapi.

These problems occur in the latest source tree (20100301).

I am wondering if (a) one of the developers can fix these or (b) if I fix 
the bugs, how can I submit patches [and if I submit patches, will they be 
accepted into the main tree]?

The fixes are pretty trivial and I'd be happy to code them up if somebody 
will tell me how I can submit the patches (haven't done it before).

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