[Freeswitch-users] Announcement: FreeSWITCH Add Broadsoft SCA Support

Yehavi Bourvine yehavi.bourvine at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 11:30:26 PST 2010

Hello Anthony,

 2010/3/1 Anthony Minessale <anthony.minessale at gmail.com>

> I am trying my best not to be completely annoyed at the "somewhat limiting"
> remark after going over the countless hours I spent making sure this feature
> work and then being patient with 2 people insisting there was a bug when
> they both shared an identical misconfiguration.
"somewhat limiting" was because my experiments up to now with Polycom and
SIP/TLS were successfull with domain names only. However, I am going to
inverstigate this further to see how this can work with IP only.

In the meantime I've documented the required configuration under the Polycom
wiki page.

> If we started doing DNS lookups everywhere so hostname could be
> interchanged with IP we would have large blocking all over the place when
> the DNS was not available and horribly messy code doing all the lookups.
> There was already an experiment called project asterisk that proved the
> flaws in this design approach.
> I think that's why some of us move from Asterisk to FreeSwitch. I also
preffer less to no DNS lookups on a critical system which must work even
when there are some kinds of communication problems.

                      Thanks, __Yehavi:
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