[Freeswitch-users] Conference users hear MOH until leader enters?

jcromes at gmail.com jcromes at gmail.com
Sat May 30 19:16:30 PDT 2009

I think I can answer my own question after looking at the code...  It 
seems that when THAT ONE user leaves, a flag is set that notifies the 
conference thread to teardown the conference.  I guess I will have to 
roll my own on this one I guess, especially since I don't want to kill 
the conference completely, just drop the users back to music. 

Also, more importantly...
I just discovered a number of conference profile options that are 
neither documented in the Wiki nor mentioned in the sample configuration 
file.  I've added entries in the Wiki for all the ones that were 
missing, but I don't know what half of them do.  =(

Could someone in-the-know please fill those in?  Also, I would suggest 
adding those to the sample config file.  Options like "endconf" and 
"announce-user" are GREAT conference features, but no one knows they are 

(I had actually implemented the user count announcement within 
Javascript, because I didn't know it was available.)

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