[Freeswitch-users] Conference users hear MOH until leader enters?

Anton Karpov anton at yogik.org
Fri May 29 13:31:12 PDT 2009

I'd be very interested to see your script and dialplan , for me it's a 
very important issue as my conference server facing to outside and I 
need to have moderators and regular users entering different pins.

jcromes at gmail.com wrote:
> Unfortunately, the instance of FreeSwitch where I've been playing with 
> this is at work and I can't get to it at the moment...  Eventually, I 
> plan to post my entire implementation (javascript and dialplan) on the 
> Wiki because I've added quite a few improvements to the confcall.js 
> example that is there now...
> Here's what I did though:
> In conference.conf.xml, put this entire line into the profile you are 
> using for your conferences:
> *<param name="conference-flags" value="wait-mod"/>*
> In your dialplan, you need to use the two lines below.  Somehow, you 
> need to separate how callers encounter them though..
> This first line enters callers as a standard user.  This means that 
> anyone entering conference 1234 using this line will WAIT until a 
> moderator enters.
> *<action application="conference" data="1234 at your-conf-profile-name"/>*
> This second line sets the moderator member flag as they enter conference 
> 1234.  Anyone already in the conference will now come off music.  You 
> could put an extra prompt for a pass code before this line.  Or you 
> could assign two extensions that both go to the same conference, but one 
> extension is publicly known, the other is only known to the owner/moderator.
> *<action application="conference" 
> data="1234 at your-conf-profile-name+flags{moderator}"/>*
> Hope that helps.
> João Mesquita wrote:
>> I could not get this working on current trunk. Can you post your 
>> configuration on conference module and the dialplan example?
>> Thanks,
>> jmesquita
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