[Freeswitch-users] Double-dtmf detection in IVR when a call is routed through FreeSWITCH

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Wed May 27 08:50:22 PDT 2009

I would configure both mediant 1000's to do rfc2833, or disable 2833  
on your sofia profile and do 100% inband.. right now I have a feeling  
the mediant is getting the inband and the 2833 causing your problem.


On May 27, 2009, at 10:45 AM, Drew Ozier wrote:

> I'm sorry, far side meaning what exactly? The call flow is as follows:
> TDM T1 -> AudioCodes Mediant 1000 -> FreeSWITCH -> AudioCodes  
> Mediant 1000 -> TDM T1
> FreeSWITCH gets an inbound SIP call and makes an outbound SIP call  
> back to the Mediant 1000, bridging the two calls. The Mediant 1000  
> sends the call back out the T1 and that goes to my customer's IVR. I  
> have no control over anything after it leaves my T1.
> Is there some other piece of information I'm missing? Do you want my  
> sip_profiles?
> -Drew

Brian West
brian at freeswitch.org

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