[Freeswitch-users] 407 Proxy Authentication Required

Brad Tuan brad.tuan at gmail.com
Sun May 24 22:04:45 PDT 2009

 I'm trying to pass a sip call from ProxyA to my Freeswitch

but my FS always return a "407  Proxy Authentication Required" to ProxyA as

Source    Destination   Protocol     Info
ProxyA      MyFS        SIP/SDP    Request: INVITE
sip:97730009 at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5060;transport=udp, with session description
MyFS        ProxyA         SIP         Status: 100 Trying
MyFS        ProxyA         SIP         Status: 407 Proxy Authentication

I have already tried to
     1. sip_profiles/internal.xml,external.xml -> set auth- calls=false
<<----It isn't work

     2. comment <param name="auth-calls" value="true"/>
<<----It isn't work,neither
         then add this line:
           <param name="apply-inbound-acl" value="ProxyA"/>

         and add a new list to the "acl.conf.xml" like
              <list name="ProxyA" default="deny">
           <node type="allow" cidr="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32"/>

So , Anyone please tell me how can i do??

Tkanks a lot

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