[Freeswitch-users] FS & Wikipbx Help

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Sun May 24 19:17:37 PDT 2009

FERNANDO VILLARROEL <fvillarroel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> My install of wikipbx was succesfully, but i have problem for registering a
> Softphone Xlite for testing; i look the next warning in FS_CLI:
> freeswitch at internal> 2009-04-28 06:13:58 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:1701
> sofia_reg_parse_auth() Can't find user [223 at] You must define a
> domain called '' in your directory and add a user with the
> id="223" attribute and you must configure your device to use the proper
> domain in it's authentication credentials.
> When i solve this problem i want make a gateway between FS and Asterisk, for
> sending traffic from FS to Asterisk.
> If any could help me to resolve register ATA or Softphones with wikipbx.

If WikiPBX has its own mailing list, I think you would receive better help

After installing FreeSWITCH, try registering to one of the extensions (1000 to
1019) provided in the default configuration. If that works, which it should,
you should then try creating your own extension, or modifying an existing one
as required.

The error message you quote says very explicitly what is wrong, but without
access to your FreeSWITCH configuration, it is impossible to help any further,
except to suggest that you start with the default configuration and work from

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