[Freeswitch-users] openzap and progress detection

François Delawarde fdelawarde at wirelessmundi.com
Wed May 20 03:26:18 PDT 2009

I briefly looked at the code, so I will then answer my own questions
from what i understood (and I didn't understand much). Please correct me
if I'm wrong (see inline answers).

A new question would then be: Are any of those features planned for the
future of OpenZAP?

On Mon, 2009-05-18 at 10:29 +0200, Francois Delawarde wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm in Spain with an analog TDM400 Clone from OpenVox (with 1xFXO
> +1xFXS), and am trying first to make the FXO work with Openzap and
> Freeswitch (using dahdi 2.2.0-rc4). Openzap perfectly detects and
> loads the spans, but I'm currently enable to dial out with the FXO
> module, it doesn't dial anything and times-out after 30 seconds.  I
> believe it has to do with some tone detection and  therefore have a
> few questions:
> - When I plug in the line, dahdi sends an event (event 17) that is
> ignored by OZ. Can we enable some type of battery check in OZ before
> dialing out, or is there some variable to monitor battery (oz dump
> doesn't show the battery status)?


> - Does OZ use the polarity switch events sent by dahdi (in kewlstart
> mode) for answer and hangup detection?


> - Apparently, OZ does tone progress detection by frequency, but here
> in Spain, most tones use the same 425Hz frequency with different
> on-off timing. Is it possible to detect those?


> - As some PBX in Spain transfer calls by first hanging up and picking
> up on another phone, can we enable/disable parts of polarity switch
> and/or tone progress detection (ex: (hangup)/(answer)onpolarityswitch
> in Asterisk)


> - Some lines here are connected to very old FXS from operators that
> have low sound quality and can take a few seconds to give a dial tone
> when picking up. Is it possible to introduce a delay before sending
> DTMF digits when dialing? Is it possible to "relax" DTMF detection,
> and tweak DTMF settings (make them a bit longer, with a longer pause
> for the other side to detect)?

No / No idea / No idea

> My "ideal" case to make it work in every case around here would be to:
> - have OZ fail to dial if battery is not present (and be able to fetch
> battery status somehow)
> - disable tone progress (sometimes call ends up on some local PBX that
> answers and provides US tones which are different)
> - be able to have an initial pause before dialing with DTMF digits
> - use polarity switch to detect remote answer, but not hangup (for
> transfer issues)
> Is the above possible?


> Thanks in advance,
> François.

You're welcome!

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