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Baskar yudha2008 at gmail.com
Thu May 14 02:42:57 PDT 2009


In JavaScript session i have one question:

Step1: I have written one small JavaScript program first dial the one mobile
number  and one extension example: 9841798874====>1001

Step2: In that same JavaScript itself i want to transfer both the mobile
number and extension into conference room 3001

Call Flow

JavaScript session == (Mobile Number (9841799874) ==calls
==Extenson(1001)==calls ==Conference Room(3001))


session = new Session();
session.originate(session, "sofia/default/sip:9841799874 at
session.execute("bridge", "sofia/internal/1001 at");
session.execute("transfer", 9841799874);

How can i use this ???

Session.execute("conference", conf_nr + "@default+" + memberflags);

I want to transfer both the Extension and mobile Number in conference room
in JavaScript session. How can i add it can any one assist me to solve this

Thanks in advance.
Warm Regards,
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