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Paul asobihoudai at yahoo.com
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You're right. Digital circuits are not so easy to tap into as opposed to POTS.

I'm thinking about this issue because I'm wondering how the US Govt. sets their DRSN lines up to be secure. From what I read, only Raytheon and Telecore have DRSN-use JITC-approved switches. It seems that list may be old since I've heard that they're now running a 50k device DRSN network with Cisco gear/software. I suppose for their hardware switches, they must be installing some really long haul trunks from end to end around the world for security.

Thanks Brian.

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Well its not so easy to take a lineman's handset and eavesdrop on a T1/BRI/PRI/DSS1 circuit.. that takes way more hardware.... but POTS you just need a lineman's handset.

But yes true secure will need to be end to end.


On May 7, 2009, at 10:35 AM, Paul wrote:

Yes, I've seen this http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/SIP_TLS.
I was just curious if the only way to have true end to end secure communications with FS would have to be a SIP trunk from one FS system to another encrypted SIP system on the other with no POTS/PRI/BRI circuits used in transit. I'm assuming if there's any POTS/BRI/PRI/DSS circuits used in transit, anyone with a lineman's handset could still eavesdrop on any conversations. Is this not the case?


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