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 Hi Moiz,

I've checking out mod_pocketshinx against other asr's on Windows with the same hardware. 
No matter what settings one tries, mod_pocketsphinx is virtually unusable in real world scenarios. 
One can play around with mod_pocketsphinx settings so that it picks voice up well but then there better not be any background noise either from a bad connection or just everyday sounds. 
It just way to sensitive and of couse you'll notice this problem most with cell phones.
If you adjust the settings to try blocking out background noise you'll find you don't suceed all that well and then there are problems picking up the callers voice.
It looks like some kind of signal pre-processing is required that isn't in place yet but we all know that this is a work-in progress.
I don't know if esl would make any difference. To use FS and an ASR/TTS I just bridge calls to another ASR application for now. 




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I know only two ways of Sphinx - FS integration and its through
mod_pocketsphinx and ESL.

Performance with mod_pocketsphinx was not very good especially prompts
were not playing properly. I haven't tried ESL.

Can anyone guide what are other possibilities and which one is best in
stability and can any one be deployed in live environment.

Moiz Chinoy.

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