[Freeswitch-users] Voicemail Question (using multiple servers)

VM Knott vmknott at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 15:24:45 PST 2009

I am attempting to use multiple FreeSWITCH servers to share a common
collection of voicemail boxes.  Everything is working great, except
for when it comes to managing the custom greetings within the
individual voicemail boxes.

As I understand it, when creating a custom greeting within a voicemail
box, a record is stored in the voicemail_default.db file located in
the ../freeswitch/db directory (which allows FS to know where to
retrieve the greeting message).  My original plan was to link (NFS)
the remote servers to the directory to reference this file, and keep
the custom greetings in an additional shared directory location
(again, all of this working great so far).

     voicemail_prefs cols:  username, domain, name_path, greeting_path, password

Unfortunately, the record that is inserted into this file includes an
IP address (domain) of the FS server handling the call.  This
complicates things if I am “hot swapping” FS servers in and out of the
server cluster.  Each time I add a server to the cluster, I will have
to have a process go into this file and replicate all of the records
for each mailbox account, to account for the specific server ip
address.  Seems awkward.

Am I approaching this wrong?  i.e., is there a way to by pass this
voicemail_prefs table?
or would I have to dig into the mod_voicemail.c source code and customize it?


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