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Daniele Salvatore Albano info at daccii.it
Sat Dec 26 02:33:58 PST 2009


you should take a look to /etc/udev/rules.d searching for a 
zaptel.[something] (extension should be .conf, but i'm not sure). Open 
it and change user and group in <GROUP="asterisk", OWNER="asterisk"> to 

To change the startup/shutdown sequence, instead, you could use 
update-rc.d. First look at startup and shutdown order for wanrouter and 
after execute these commands:
sudo update-rc.d -f freeswitch remove
sudo update-rc.d freeswitch defaults SS KK

On SS put a value greater than wanrouter startup order value and on KK 
put a value freater than warouter shutdown order value.

As "shutdown/startup order value" i refer to SNNxxxxxx or KNNxxxxxx 
where NN is a numeric value and xxxxxx is the name of the service. You 
should look for them into /etc/rc3.d and /etc/rc0.d (the first for 
startup and the second for shutdown)

Neil Patel ha scritto:
> Hi All,
> On the Freeswitch init page (Debian) the setup you to create a user 
> "freeswitch" to run the FS process. When I did this, freeswitch 
> started up but wasn't able to find/open channels to my sangoma/wanpipe 
> hardware. Is this because:
> 1. The sangoma hardware was installed and running through root, which 
> is a different user than the one running FS?
> 2. Wanrouter is not getting started before freeswitch on system boot?
> Is there a disadvantage to setting up the init script for FS to be run 
> by root? Will that solve this problem?
> Thanks in advance from a Linux/FS newbie,
> Neil

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