[Freeswitch-users] MacOSX

Ken Gillett ken at ukgb.net
Thu Dec 24 12:42:32 PST 2009

Yes, I want to set up FreeSwitch on OSX and at least see how it runs, assuming I can get that far.

I've downloaded the latest tarball and run configure which seemed to complete ok. But what next? Do I actually need to run

	make all install sounds-install moh-install

as in some lists of instructions it appears that I just need to run

	make install

Needless to say I'm not an expert at compiling although I have done a fair bit over the years, just not enough for it to be second nature. So the above apparent ambiguity puzzles me.

Also, how can I compile on one machine and then actually run it on a different machine? Is there a relatively simple way to achieve this or must I manually copy all the files to the other machine. What files would that be? Are they all conveniently located in a single folder?

Hopeful of some helpful advice, but let's face it, anyone doing this sort of thing on Christmas Eve really ought to get out more:-)

Ken G i l l e t t


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