[Freeswitch-users] PSTN-to-Internal Call Does Not Get Routed to Voice Mail

Jerry Richards jerry.richards at teotech.com
Tue Dec 22 08:02:21 PST 2009

I have a Freeswitch PBX server with an installed Sangoma A101D card
connected to a PRI.  Most everything works okay, however when I get an
inbound call from the PSTN, if the call is not answered within about 12
seconds, the call ends (so it doesn't go to voice mail).  If I make a call
from one internal phone to another, then it will go to voice mail after 30
seconds.  How can I get the external call to route to voice mail after 30

I put a new 11595 log into the pastebin.  Do you know any Freeswitch setting
that might cause this?

If this issue has been addressed before, what string should I use to search
for it, because I can't find it.


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