[Freeswitch-users] Multitenant dialplans

john at acsol.net john at acsol.net
Mon Dec 21 16:15:22 PST 2009

I have Freeswitch setup and working as a single tenant
system mostly using the default configuration. Trying to
convert to a multitenant environment,  I have used both the
Multi-tenant and Multiple Companies wiki's. I get the phone
to register, can call out using the external profile to a
ITSP, can call music on hold; however I can not call other
users in the company. 
It appears that when logged in with single company and
default context it sucessfully calls other internal phones
with bridge to
"sofia/internal/sip:extersion at public-IP:translated-port";
however when I log into "Company1" with the phones, it tries
"sofia/internal/dialed-extension at Company1" ... I also get
"User not Registered". The dialplans are the same either

Any ideas?


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