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Hi Dave,

I have corrected several of the warnings. On subsequent builds the download errors can be ignored(files already present).



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Hi Mike,
OK - have "bitten the bullet" and installed VS2008 Express over VS2005 !
Most of the "warnings" in the build have been cleared, I notice that the "error" in the build of mod_opal has gone with mod_opal not being in the preconfigured build list now and also that the number of warnings on VS2008 has reduced since I've been playing with this over the past few days and SVN versions.
There does not seem to be anything major wrong, but as you requested, I have raised a Jira (FSBUILD-221) that you might care to take a look at please ?
I attached a copy of the output from the build run and highlighted in bold in the RTF file the warnings that are generated. 
There are a host of warnings due to the use of /analyze which is appears not to be supported by the Express compiler.
Most significant (though still trivial) are the warnings of some type conversion problems and some "indirection" errors.
As I said, these don't seem to be too much of a problem, but you may care to take a look when you have time.
One more thing, when I do subsequent builds, are there any pre-build steps that I need to take ?
When I tried rebuilding previously, there seemed to be some directories that could not be overwritten (e.g.,  \libs\pthreads-w32--2-7-0-release) that were flagged as problems - do I just ignore these warnings or unprotect and/or delete the directories before rebuilding ?

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On Dec 17, 2009, at 12:15 PM, Andrew Thompson wrote:

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 05:02:10PM -0000, Dave Stevenson wrote:


I'm probably going to regret this - I'm not sure that I'll be able to do this without a lot of pain (nothing to do with FS - more my lack of ability with Visual Studio), but......, I want to try building FreeSwitch from source rather than using the pre-built binaries. I have a couple of initial questions that, hopefully, someone can answer please ?

1. I only have Visual Studio 2005 and don't see an upgrade to 2008 on the horizon for me.

Having downloaded the SVN, I see there is a VS 2005 Solution, but it is marked as "Unsupported", although the Wiki says that you only need VC++2005.

What does "unsupported" mean in this context ? I guess that support for VS2005 is being dropped, but is the VS2005 Solution still being maintained, and if so, for how long? I'd hate to get into the build thing and then find that I was stalled when VS2005 support was dropped altogether ?

Install VS 2008 if at all possible (express edition is free). 2005
support isn't maintained much if at all, so a lot of newer modules stand
a good chance of not having support.

We maintain it as far as things that work now shouldn't break, but we rarely test it and only fix things when people supply patches or let me know there is a problem so I can address it.

2. The whole SVN thing is new to me but I've worked out that I need an SVN Client on Windows to work with the source. Can anyone recommend the best (free) SVN Client for Windows to use with FreeSwitch. I have installed TortoiseSVN - a Windows Explorer Shell that looks pretty and seemed to work on my first build but it's not command line based so some of the tips given in the Wiki like "make current" and "make sounds" may be more awkward to achieve. Is anyone else using Tortoise and/or can give some tips on which SVN client to use ?

Tortoise SVN is fine and is probably the de-facto client for windows.

make current and such are all for the unix build only, on the msvc (at least 2008) build they are all built right into the solution

3. I built 15979 last night (with VS2005) and got some warnings, with data type conversion - is this a known issue under Windows ?

2005 has slightly different warning settings than are even available in 2008 so I get these from time to time.  If you open up a bug on jira.freeswitch.org for me with details I can try to get them corrected.

4. There was one fatal error in the build of mod_opal (missing file)

(Some examples of the warnings and the error are shown below :-)

Try with VS 2008 and see if they go away.

I think this is due to missing dependencies.  I don't think I had automation to download the right svn versions of opal.

5. How do I specify which options (e.g., mod_flite, to be included iin the build.

You can enable the different sub projects somehow in the UI, I always
forget exactly how but just click around in VS and you'll find it.

You can adjust this in the configuration managaer

6. How do I build the sounds etc. ?

The sounds are a subproject too IIRC.

I think think might only be in the 2008 versions, I can't recall to be sure, but there are targets you can build that will install them.


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