[Freeswitch-users] No audio after Remote SDP:

Mark Campbell-Smith mcampbellsmith at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 15:54:43 PST 2009

Thanks Brian and Gad,

I have stun set and if I do a 'sofia status profile internal', I see
the external IP address of the 3102 ATA, so I assume that stun is
working correctly on the SPA3102.

These are the options that I have set (according to the 3102 manual).

• Handle VIA received: yes
• Handle VIA rport: yes
• Insert VIA received: yes
• Insert VIA rport: yes
• Substitute VIA Addr: yes
• Send Resp To Src Port: yes
• STUN Enable: Choose yes.
• STUN Server: stun.freeswitch.org

I assume that is all is needed?

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Brian West <brian at freeswitch.org> wrote:
> On Dec 20, 2009, at 2:53 PM, Gad Bentolila wrote:
> DISCLAIMER: I'm REALLY new to FreeSwitch, so please take my advice with a
> grain of salt.
> Welcome to the community.
> I have a similar setup (and problem) - the wiki documentation refers to it
> as "double nat". Like you, my FS and client are behind different NATs and I
> can register my remote endpoint and make calls (in my case, to the the FS
> demo ivr at 5000).
> Since your external endpoint (spa3102) is registering, you've likely setup
> your sip profile correctly (ext-sip-ip, ext-rtp-ip, nat settings, etc).
> Your endpoint need only insert rport and FreeSWITCH will do the right thing.
> 1) Setup stun on your remote endpoint (spa3102 in your case)
> 2) Add <variable name="sip-force-contact"
> value="NDLB-connectile-dysfunction"/> to the directory xml file that
> describes your spa3102 endpoint
> The device supports STUN also its highly recommended your device know how to
> overcome its own NAT.  I personally do not believe its the registrars place
> to overcome an endpoints nat... puts undue burden on the registar.
> Option 1 worked for me right away (eyebeam in my case) and, as expected, the
> remote sdp had the correct (remote) IP address, since the endpoint is using
> stun to correctly identify its IP address to FS. However, option 2 has not
> made a difference (for me). Is it just me or is it strange that SIP works
> without stun, but RTP doesn't?
> I guess I've been spoiled by the way Asterisk handles NAT and was hopeful
> that NDLB-connectile-dysfunction would behave similarly, so I wouldn't have
> to tell users to setup stun on their clients. Maybe a FS user with some
> experience with this type of NAT setup and these settings can help. I'd be
> interested in knowing how to correctly setup remote NATted endpoints without
> stun - or, at least, hear from someone that this setting works for them
> without stun.
> Anyway, hope this helps you with your SPA3102.
> Bottom line is enable rport and use stun on the SPA and it'll just work.
> /b
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