[Freeswitch-users] Authenticating end points by IP

Ahmed Naji a.alalousi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 12:19:27 PST 2009


Please do excuse me if this is a FAQ.

I've so far not worked out a way to implement IP authentication effectively.
I have a number of gateways/end points/...etc. hitting the switch without
registration and originating calls to a number of upstreams I have

So far, everything is smooth and FREESwitch is legendary in every way. Over
10,000 simultaneous sessions at 120cps, on a dual-Xeon machine running
CentOS and CPU usage is barely a blip.

My problem is authentication. I need a method to authenticate end points
based only on their IP addresses. I am currently filtering access through
the firewalls, but I would really like to delegate this task to FS in prep
for an SBC setup I'm working on. If I remove the firewall filters, then
anyone is able to get in.

I could't workout precisely how ACLs work in FS from the WiKi and the
documentation, and I haven't been able to make sense of how Digest functions

Can anyone shed some light on those two areas ? I would like to really get
to the bottom of this and update the WiKi pages with the working setup once



Ahmed A. Ibrahim-Naji Al-Alousi
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