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Brian, there was not one insulting word in anything I have said and as this
is a community mailing list my replies are always voiced to address the
public in general not you specifically, like I already mentioned in my last

If you open a public forum on a FAQ be prepared to hear our policy.

Indeed many people do unrealistic load testing and most people with strong
will find it insulting when a group of people have a set of standard policy
by which they try to deal with making a penny jar for all the 2 cents worth
of input we get on a daily basis.  I can't begin to iterate over all the
cases we endure on a weekly basis.

additionally 90% of bug reports are on older releases and we always make
people reproduce their issues on SVN trunk because 3 core devs and a handful
of helpers can't maintain 20 versions of the code.

I gave you some really suggestions yesterday let me repaste it, I fail to
see any insults:

What exactly is your test process?

you should try increasing the interval in the conference profile to a bigger
time slice maybe 30 40 or 60ms
you could also increase the ptime to match as well.

like brian said you could use mod_shout to broadcast the single speaker to
icecast and let people listen with itunes/winamp


I have to get in these "fights" with people constantly so I guess that is
part of my job and my biggest mistake is spending so much time trying to
explain myself.

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On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 1:33 PM, Michael Collins <msc at freeswitch.org> wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 11:14 AM, Brian <brian at proximosystems.com> wrote:
>>  I was evaluating the technologies available, and I thought you would be
>> interested in my results. However, almost every other reply I get from you
>> to my posts, rather than being helpful, has been hostile and insulting.
> Thanks for your input. Just so you know, Tony deals with people on a near
> daily basis who want to spend time doing crazy schemes under the guise of
> "load testing" or "researching a new solution" which are not grounded in
> reality. At first blush this scenario sounded like one of those schemes.
> However it definitely looks like you've built a test scenario that mimics
> reality better than most. I think we can give you a pass for not being able
> to get 500 people all at once to call in every time you need to test. :)
>> My scenario is not a hypothetical one of “having robots call the
>> conference in a way that probably does not match reality”. In fact, this
>> will very much reflect the reality of the application I’m building. Only
>> instead of 300 listeners, I need to scale to over 2000 listeners minimum –
>> per event, with possibly more than one concurrent event. I want to pack as
>> many listeners on one server as I can. I’m trying to find a real solution to
>> a real problem.
> That kind of volume suggests that the icecast style solution would be best.
> It takes much less resources to send audio in one direction than it does to
> mix audio from multiple parties.  I like bkw's initial suggestion of
> transferring a caller to the conference only when he/she needs to speak,
> such as to ask a question. Like Tony mentioned, his focus is on quality not
> quantity, so mod_conference probably isn't the best tool for this scenario.
>> I work with other open source projects and fund enhancements or fixes I
>> need. FreeSWITCH would be no different.
> Excellent! It looks like we don't already have a canned solution,
> obviously, but as bkw likes to say, all the Lego bricks are there to build
> the solution.  Hop on IRC (#freeswitch in irc.freenode.net) or join the
> weekly conference which is going on right now and you might catch some of
> the devs and leading community members and you can chat in real-time about
> your challenges. (http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/FS_weekly_2009_12_14)
> -Michael
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