[Freeswitch-users] Caller ID issue

Adam Ford lists at redbonez.net
Tue Dec 15 12:50:54 PST 2009

Scratch that, I had my Openzap configured for national, not NI2. 





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I have been having a problem with my outgoing caller ID coming through as
Private or Restricted using a PRI + Openzap.  My provider claims that it
must be a configuration on my end.  Is there something I might be missing?
Setup is essential the default FreeSWITCH configuration. I realize this is
pretty vague, but I don't really know where to start to troubleshoot this
issue on my end.  Caller ID works from SIP UA to SIP UA as well as for all
incoming calls.  I don't even know where to configure FreeSWITCH to mask my
caller ID as private or restricted.



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