[Freeswitch-users] bidirectional SRTP

Helmut Kuper helmut.kuper at ewetel.de
Mon Dec 14 08:00:03 PST 2009


today I found that my SRTP calls are only SRTP in one way (from snom to 
FS). The other direction is still RTP (at least if I believe wireshark). 
How can I get both directions using SRTP?

I do a simple call to an announcement in FS.

My SIP-profile has:
<param name="inbound-late-negotiation" value="true"/>

I followed the document of FS Wiki:

But it seems there is no ch_var like sip_has_crypto.

Is there a way to have both directions/streams per leg using SRTP?

Please find attached the pcap trace of my snom phone.

There you can see that snom offers crypto to FS. FS sends an OK with 
SRTP and RTP. When you look into the RTP data you see SRTP from snom to 
FS and RTP from FS to snom.

Any hints?

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