[Freeswitch-users] embedded freeswitch compatable hardware

Albano Daniele Salvatore - Lavoro info at daccii.it
Mon Dec 14 02:39:50 PST 2009


you could build an "embedded filesystem" using one of these great tools:
- buildroot   crosstools-ng
- ptxdist
- moblin2
- clfs

The one i prefer is buildroot because is simply, flexible and fast to 
build a root filesystem: to setup a minimal system, once you builded the 
toolchain using crosstools-ng, you need only a couple of hours! It 
support a lot of hardware platform and br mailing list is VERY active!
If you need to use the hardware supplier toolchain you can, just set it 
instead to build one with crosstools-ng!

Freeswitch uses threads a lot, more than asterisk i think, so is 
preferable to use glibc or eglibc (more configurable than glibc, but 
essentially the same) instead of uclibc because these libraries are 
great for embedded hardware but support only old style threads 
(linuxthread instead of nptl). You can use busybox as base for a lot of 
stuff and then build what you need (php with fastcgi, lighttpd 
[althought i prefer nginx], sqlite, lua and so on).

I'm doing some job integrating fs with an own software, so i'll start to 
work on it, probably, the next year, at the end of first quarter or at 
start of the second, until that moment i'll use a shrinked down ubuntu 
8.04 to fit it on a 4gb cf. (i got my alix board a couple of days ago!).
However i've used br in a couple of personal project and to help my 
brother at university (needed to setup a system on a xilinx virtex ii board)

If you prefer something more well tested you can give a try to ptxdist 
or moblin2 but them are harder to use and configure althought them works 

Best Regards,

Brian May ha scritto:
> On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 09:20:39PM -0500, Michael Jerris wrote:
>> As a note, we are pretty aggressive about making sure all this stuff works
>> right out of svn without any patches so it should be easy to port freeswitch
>> to most platforms now.
> Thats good to hear.
> I am guessing this means I should use a recent version. I see there is an
> Ubuntu archive, wondering if that will work with Voyage Linux. If not, I should
> be able to build from the source.
> Anyway I sent an email to Yawarra to ask them if the net5501 computer
> <http://www.yawarra.com.au/product.php?productCode=HW-NT55> is compatible with
> the TDM400 cards. There is something about a kit for the dual rack mount
> computer for the TDM400, which would be good if I had a rack, and somewhere to
> put a rack. So presumably this means it should work for the non-rack mount
> system too.

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