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Michael S Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Sat Dec 12 19:47:19 PST 2009

On Dec 12, 2009, at 7:28 PM, "David V. Fansler" <dfansler at dv- 
fansler.com> wrote:

> I am new to FreeSWITCH (ok a month old) and am still learning as  
> hard as I
> can.  In the recent talk about documentation, I had noticed that  
> finding
> documentation on the FreeSWITCH wiki was a bit of a chore.  So I  
> decided to
> download all the wiki pages and put them in some sort of logical  
> order.  No
> I am not finished yet, but does anyone else out there realize how  
> many wiki
> pages there are on FreeSWITCH's site?  So far I am up to 767 pages  
> and have
> another 100 to go.
> I had no idea what I was getting into!

Hehe neither did I when I started a few years ago. This is a monumetal  
task but since you've overcome the inertia let's just roll up our  
sleeves and get it done. I'm glad to have your help. I will contact  
you off list to follow up.

-MC (IRC: mercutioviz)

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