[Freeswitch-users] Wrong RFC2833 in SDP on NEC phones

Fernando Gregianin Testa testa at voicetechnology.com.br
Tue Dec 8 10:41:15 PST 2009

Dear list,

Some Nec phones sends DTMF RFC2833 with payload 101 during the call, but have negotiated a different one on SDP.
When integrating with pabx NEC SV8500 and using phones DT700ITL32D-1 we notice this phone sends the following INVITE packet and RTP packets: http://pastebin.freeswitch.org/11433 
Whole wireshark capture file is on http://gregianin.org/teste_voice_rfc2833.pcap 

Is there any parameter to tweak FS in such a way to force understand 101 packets as DTMF? 
Thank you in advance!

Fernando Testa
PS: On pcap you have the following IPs: 
  FS at
  Nec Pbx

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