[Freeswitch-users] [OpenZAP] Does Dahdi (ex-Zaptel) require Asterisk?

Russell.Mosemann at cune.org Russell.Mosemann at cune.org
Tue Dec 8 06:15:36 PST 2009

Fred-145 <codecomplete at free.fr> said:
> Has someone succesfully installed Dahdi without Asterisk?

Of course, and it's working like a charm. DAHDI is a driver. It doesn't
care what software uses it. We're using DAHDI with a TE110P PRI T1 card.
What is in /proc/dahdi? If it shows "1", what do you see if you "cat
/proc/dahdi/1"? Did you correctly configure the files in /etc/dahdi? How
did you configure ../freeswitch/conf/openzap.conf? Maybe it would be
helpful to spend a few minutes browsing the wiki at

Russell Mosemann

Concordia University, Nebraska
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