[Freeswitch-users] A few questions about Polycom setup

Yehavi Bourvine yehavi.bourvine at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 11:36:02 PST 2009


  I have a few questions about Ploycom's usage and provisioning for which I
found no answers neither at the docs nor on the WEB:

   - I would like to enable SIP/TLS. for this I have to import the root
   certificate. How can I do it via the XML config files? the only method I
   found is via the phone's interface, but what do you do when you have tens
   and more of them?
   - Since the phone is limited to 3way conference I would like it to use a
   conference room on the server. I've defined:

   <conference voIpProt.SIP.conference.address="sip:Conf000000@*my-server*"

   - The result is that when A calls B (the polycom phone) which tries to
   conference with C is that B does a conference with C and the conference room
   and A is left on hold...

                                       Thanks! __Yehavi:
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