[Freeswitch-users] Setting up a FreeSwitch system on a pfSensefirewall???

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Hi Adam
Excellent first steps!
Thankyou for the hint.
Now I hope somebody can tell me what I'm doing wrong next...
I've gotten it to register to the testprovider here (musimi.dk), but I get an error when I create an account for testing with the X-Lite phone.
It displays 403 forbidden in the display.
I've created an account on FreeSwitch
extension 1001
password 1001
mailbox 1001
voicemail password 1001
account code 1001
Effective Caller ID Name Fribert
Effective Caller ID Number 4692xxxx (the Musimi number)
Voicemail Mail To <my address>
Voicemail Attach File true
User Context default
Call Group <>
Enabled true
Extension Description Test number
In the X-Lite
Display Name Fribert
User name 1001
Password 1001
Autorization user name 1001
Domain LAN-IP-OF-pfSense
Check in Register with domain and receive incoming calls
Check in domain.
That's about it.
Looking on the status page, I can see these lines in the log:
2009-12-06 09:55:50.310829 [NOTICE] switch_core.c:1064 Adding (deny) to list lan
2009-12-06 09:55:50.310842 [NOTICE] switch_core.c:1064 Adding (allow) to list lan
2009-12-06 09:55:50.311256 [DEBUG] mod_event_socket.c:2291 Socket up listening on
2009-12-06 09:55:50.311256 [DEBUG] mod_event_socket.c:2291 Socket up listening on
Which I'm kinda confused about, I don't have any 192.168 net here???
But as it also primarily forbids it, except .42 to allow, I'm wondering if it could be something internal?

Best regards

>>> 05-12-2009 kl. 18:52 skrev "Adam Ford" <lists at redbonez.net> i meddelelsen <0E0013F55E224674A1361329CF7A85F0 at redbonez>:

I used the pfSense FreeSWITCH for awhile, as it is the only GUI FreeSWITCH I have found with a stable release.  It was very easy to use, I would recommend it if you just want a quick base system with standard features.  Though, I ended up switching to a compiled version of FreeSWITCH in order to make the customizations I needed for my office.

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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] Setting up a FreeSwitch system on a pfSensefirewall???


Has anybody done this?


I'm completely at a loss, having tinkered very little with Asterisk, and giving up on that, I wonder if there's any help to be found on FreeSwitch?

Anybody that can give pointers to a good step-by-step instruction?


I want to have it handle my two sip-phones (siemens dect ip and spa 901), and handle a sip account at my provider.

Of course transferring calls between the two, as well as group calls would be a nice benefit.

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