[Freeswitch-users] caller_id_name + caller_id_number and Snom 360...

Klaus Hochlehnert Mailings at kh-dev.de
Sat Dec 5 19:04:26 PST 2009


currently I'm testing the newest FS trunk.
Now I need a hint how to set up an "old" behavior of version 1.0.4.

Here's the scenario:
- Incoming call from caller_id_name: abc and caller_id_number: 123
- Now I set effective_caller_id_name: xyz and effective_caller_id_number: 456
- Leg B (Snom 360) is ringing and displays the new values (xyz + 456)
- After the pickup the Leg B is switching back to the "old" values and displays abc + 123

But I would rather see the new values during the call (as it was in version 1.0.4).
What do I need to change?

Thanks, Klaus

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