[Freeswitch-users] Bridging to a non SIP based system

Phillip Jones pjintheusa at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 13:29:27 PST 2009

Hi All,

Every so often you have to ask a question - where you know so little - it's
hard to even now where to start. This is one of the times. I am not
expecting an full answer here, just a gentle nudge in right direction to get
me started.

What I have is a propriety IP based conference system - who want to add the
ability to have inbound PSTN callers join their conferences. All their
signaling is propriety - no SIP - but I do have access to that signaling
schema so can do some translation. Enough to get the IP / Port & CODEC of
the RTP stream. They use speex rtp sessions over TCP.

So from an architectural point of view I am thinking of having the callers
enter a FS conference and than bridge that conference to their IP based
conference room. That would do it.

The problem is that because I can not bridge using SIP (through a Sofia
gateway) to that IP based conference system I am kind of lost. But it seems
reasonable that I should be able to get my head round this, because I know
the IP / Port & CODEC of the RTP stream.

But perhaps I missing a key bit of knowledge/understanding here.

I would be grateful for any advise here.

Thanks a lot,

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