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Nikolay Kondratyev kond at nstel.ru
Thu Dec 3 00:44:31 PST 2009

Michael, Mark, Artem,

Thank you for your answers. I believe FS will suite our needs.

I've installed dedicated virtual machine (Centos) for FS and going to play
with it. 

Thanks and regards,




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On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 9:21 AM, Artem Shiyanov <shiyanov at gmail.com> wrote:

1 - config
2 - I've done this with programming
3 - suppose programming would be needed

Just to clarify, when you say "programming" there are different levels of
involvement. For example, you can do programming in C which is pretty in
depth, but that's probably not what is required. Most likely this all can be
done with dialplan configuration and some simple Lua/Perl/JavaScript
scripts. (We support many scripting languages.) 

I recommend that you install FreeSWITCH on a test server and connect a few
phones. Start with the default configuration and make sure that you have it
working properly and go from there. Also, we have an IRC channel on
irc.freenode.net where you can come and discuss things realtime. Lastly, we
have a weekly conference call where you can ask community members and
developers your questions:

I recommend that you use the latest SVN trunk as we are really close to
1.0.5. If you're on a Linux box you can do the quick install process
mentioned here:

Dive in and have fun! :)

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