[Freeswitch-users] Choppy sound with PCMU

eaf erandr-junk at usa.net
Wed Dec 2 16:31:31 PST 2009

Can I reduce resolution of that timer thread 10 times? I mean, I glanced
through the code, and see that among others (are there others?) RTP and IVR
set up their timers that are subsequently managed by this thread. RTP timers
should be eliminated by that setting you've suggested. IVR timers are set at
20ms... So, if the thread is set to wake up every 10ms instead of 1ms it
should be able to wake up those IVR timers just fine. Right?

That's a cool design to have one dedicated thread that maintains accurate
timing and then broadcasts via condition variables to hundreds of other
threads events that they can register for. I'm sure it's one of the reasons
why FS scales so much better than Asterisk. But for poor low-end setups that
sit in the closet, eat only 6W of power and hardly ever run more than two
calls at the same time, can I hack it somehow to be more UNIX-friendly? I.e.
make it stuck in select() or recv() when there is nothing to do, call
clock_gettime() right from the thread that wants and when it wants to know
current time?

Say, what if that thread is made to suspend on a condition variable in case
if there are no timers registered in TIMER_MATRIX? Then, if some other
thread comes up and adds its timer into the matrix, it could wake up the
timer thread and enjoy accurate timing as needed, on demand? And in-between
the calls, when there is no RTP or IVR, it will all go silent? I mean,
sitting on a wait queue in the kernel is way better than go back and forth
incrementing counters that nobody even needs at the moment?

Anthony Minessale-2 wrote:
> idle is a 4 letter word to a realtime application.
> The core keeps a single high-priority thread to keep 1ms timing and
> expands
> that broadcasting
> to hundreds or thousand of threads who need accurate timing.
> Your choppy audio is caused by linksys lying about the packet len that
> it's
> using and we set our timer
> to the wrong speed.

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