[Freeswitch-users] Set disable-transcoding in dialplan

rod kawarod at laposte.net
Mon Aug 31 08:00:59 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm wondering if I can do something like this:
    - in my internal profile, I have this because of some PEER using G729:
          - <param name="disable-transcoding" value="true"/>

But for a specific PEER, I'd like to activate transcoding:
          - for this PEER, only G711 is used
          - I'd like to transcode DTMF SIP INFO or RFC2833 to INBAND

So in my dialplan, I tried before bridging:

    - <action application="set" data="disable-transcoding=false"/>
    - <action application="start_dtmf_generate" data="true"/>

But I still see RFC2833 events between my FS and PEER and the DTMF are 
not working.

So 2 questions:
    - does application "start_dtmf_generate" requires transcoding
    - if yes, can I set the variable disable-transcoding in my dialplan


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