[Freeswitch-users] memory leak

Benedikt Fraunhofer fraunhofer.lists.freeswitch-001 at traced.net
Mon Aug 31 05:22:19 PDT 2009

Hello *,

still no luck. Removing the default dialplan with all those
hash-inserts made the memory-usage-curve flatter but it oom-coredumped

  freeswitch: src/switch_core_memory.c:443: switch_core_perform_alloc:
Assertion `ptr != ((void *)0)' failed.

after eating up 3.2 gig ram+swap.

Any chance or idea to track that down or any hint where to look at?

The other two freeswitch-machines in this scenario play well, they're
dumb load-sinks. what makes this machine different is on one hand the
lua-scripts that are run on it and on the other hand it's the only
machine who gets it's commands via xml_rpc.


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