[Freeswitch-users] Success! and an issue.

Christensen Tom paveraware at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 29 02:28:23 PDT 2009

well, just made my first extension to extension call using freeswitch, so that was pretty painless.  Huge fan of the config layout at least (having the extensions defined each in their own file is going to be so much nicer than asterisks huge jumble).

However, I did run into one issue, not sure if its somehow related to the phones I'm using (softphone of unknown quality (weephone) on iphones)... I'm using the default config, when I dial 4000 for voicemail, it works, however at apparently random times during the menu navigation I get call waiting beeps and I have an incoming call from 4000.  If I decline or leave this call unanswered, my call into voicemail gets disconnected.  If I "accept" this call, it apparently disconnects immediately (IE I only have 1 active call), however I can then continue navigating the menu, etc... Very strange to me, I will be setting up a couple of polycom 501s on this system tomorrow and will report if I see similar issues.
Anyway, so far I'm pleased with freeswitch, I've got a list of features I need to support before I can deploy it, so I'll be bugging people (sorry), but so far thanks!

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