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Diego Viola diego.viola at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 19:34:32 PDT 2009

Yes, FreeSWITCH is a system that you can trust 100%. I have switched my
Asterisk servers to FreeSWITCH and have peace now.

If I were you I would get rid of Asterisk and use FreeSWITCH, FS will handle
all what you want very well.

And I agree with David, fail-over is kinda irrelevant since the FS doesn't
crash like Asterisk does.


On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 6:52 PM, Raimund Sacherer <rs at runsolutions.com>wrote:

> Hello List,
> I have read the current thread about scalability and I would need some
> advice about a callcenter setup:
> First where I come from:
> I have lot's of problems with an asterisk solution. I have regular
> crash's and lock-ups, with downgrading and other stuff i got it
> somewhat stable, but have nevertheless regular hickups. I am desperate
> and want to get rid of asterisk and I hope that freeSwitch will
> provide me with a more stable solution.
> Our Setup (really nothing special):
> * 1 Asterisk box, New IBM Hardware (3 month old), 2 HE rack server, 3
> GIG of RAM, Xircom analog switch connected to mobile stations for 4
> different providers, Digium 4port cards TP400<something>
> * 8 queues
> * ~60 agents (which logon, logoff, pause, unpause), not more than 40
> concurrently online
> * ~ 7K - 9K calls (well, CDR entries) a day (not that much for a bpx)
> * Music on Hold in the call-queues
> * No special announcement
> * Transfers between calls in queues and different agents as well as
> non agents (i mention this because we have transfer related chrashes
> in asterisk)
> The current Problems:
> * Lockups with different causes (ranging from calls not terminated to
> heavy thread locking through the AMI interface)
> * Crashes and library aborts (pthread, libc, crashes related to music
> on hold, app_queue, transfers)
> We used Asterisk: 1.4.23, 1.4.24, 1.4.26rc3, 1.4.26rc5, 1.4.26 and are
> now back to (stock debian) as anything beyond that is for
> whatever reason highly unstable for our szenario. Maybe we should have
> been segmenting the box into one asterisk dedicted to talking to the
> hardware, one especial for queue/sip handling, i do not know. (all
> issues are well documented in issues.asterisk.org, but it seems to be
> very, very difficult to get to the bottom of them as they exist since
> 1.4.23 as it seems and are open until know and not fixable since month.)
> Now, I really would appreciate some success-stories on how you guys
> managed to get a stable pbx system with freeSWITCH in regard of HA and
> scalability:
> * How to segment freeSWITCH? Or is it stable enough to handle all in
> one for such a szenario as outlined above?
> * What would be the best strategie for High Availability / Failover?
>        -> I read in the WIKI (featurelist) that Livemigration of calls from
> one box to another should be possible?
>        -> I was thinking about using memcached for storing all state
> information so another freeswitch box can takeover calls from the
> first box if it dies, is this possible? If so, how?
>        -> Is there anotherway to somehow configure freeSWITCH that in the
> event of a crash i do not loose the current established calls?
> Basically I just want a stable PBX where I do not have to fear every
> day it will core-dump or abort or Lock up. Is freeSWITCH mature enough
> so i can sleep at night for at least 3 month without a crash?
> Thank you for your Time and help in advance, and I am more than
> willing to take all the information gathered here and create a wiki
> page to help other people with the same questions/problems.
> best
> Ray
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