[Freeswitch-users] timeout while waiting for CF_BRIDGED flag

Tamas Cseke cstomi.levlist at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 03:59:57 PDT 2009


we have a strange problem, sometimes calls are hung up with 
I added some extra log lines, and it turned out that

switch_ivr_bridge.c:140 a timeout occurs while waiting for CF_BRIDGED flag
switch_channel_wait_for_flag(chan_b, CF_BRIDGED, SWITCH_TRUE, 10000, 
chan_a); returns SWITCH_STATUS_TIMEOUT

As far as I understand the flag on B channel is set in another thread, 
so maybe it happens slow sometimes.
We are using r14144. I know it is quiet old, but maybe this code hasn't 
changed since them

Do you have any idea, what could cause this?
Do you think it is a bug?

Thanks in advance,

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